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Fat Camp Programs for Adults in Australia

Did you ever wish there was some life-changing journey you could take that could help you shake the kilos and keep them off forever? Well now there is, as our fat camp in Australia is guaranteed to give you amazing results if you follow our program.

The Chi of Life Retreat offers a fat camp that is specially designed for people who cannot seem to lose weight no matter what they do or try, and we work with each of our guests on a physical and emotional level to transform him/her into a healthier and stronger person.

Programs and diets designed for your body type and needs

We don’t just plunge our guests into routine programs. Our fitness and weight loss experts walk a long journey alongside all of our guests and create tailor-made weight loss programs and diets that suit your specific body type and your health needs.

Proper analysis of your condition – The best way to lose weight is by identifying the root cause of your weight issues, whether it is an emotional or health issue. We will first perform a live and dry blood analysis as well as a wellness consultation in order to determine your weight loss needs and goals.

Specialised meal plans – In our weight loss camp for adults, a specialised diet or meal plan will be created to suit your exact weight loss needs. We can also assist with specialised meal plans for  vegetarians. Regardless of your diet preferences, you will be taught to prepare healthy meals through interactive cookout sessions.

Personal coach – A qualified personal weight management and healthy lifestyle coach will work with you at all times to monitor and assist your progress.

Group workout activities – Our fat camp for adults is kept small, so we can give you all the attention you need.  You and six other adults will partake in several group workout activities that are fun and highly effective.

Medical weight loss sessions – We also have the best medical weight loss therapies such as massaging, nutritional consultation, Live02 oxygen therapy, magnesium baths, infrared saunas, oxy chi machines and more to help propel your weight loss.

Emotional wellbeing sessions – It is incredibly important to educate and improve your emotional wellbeing if you want long-term results and that is exactly why you will enjoy plenty of coaching and talks on wellbeing throughout your stay.

A holiday and weight loss camp for adults all in one

The Chi of Life Retreat is not just a retreat.  We combine all the luxuries and extravagances of a normal holiday with your workout and diet routine so you can have a great time and enjoy lots of terrific experiences while you stay here. 

Here is a quick list of all of the wonderful holiday adventures you get to enjoy at our retreat;

  • Luxury accommodations where you can relax
  • Water activities such as swimming pools and much more
  • Exciting workout programs such as yoga, hiking, biking, boot camp, hill climbing, boxing and tennis
  • Enjoy the beach and all of its wonderful activities

It is time to take a step towards a better life. Call us today for more information, as we’d love to be a part of helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Chi of Life is Queensland’s most effective weight loss and wellness health retreat. Our health & wellness retreats work with our fitness retreats to help you lose weight and keep it off. Browse the rest of our website or call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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