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Health Retreat Located North of Brisbane

Did you ever wish there was some life-changing journey you could take that could help you shake the kilos and keep them off forever? Well now there is, as our Brisbane health retreats are guaranteed to give you amazing results if you follow our program.

Chi of Life Health Retreat Brisbane

Are you ready to embrace a happier, healthier you? Out aside all of the weight loss diets, methods, programmes and retreats you may have tried before – the quick fix solutions, the false promises, the disappointing results – they’re in the past. What we’re focused on here at Chi of life is ensuring that you can enjoy long-term, lasting, sustained weight loss, now and in the future.

We work with you to make a life change, to ensure you can finally be on a journey to realising the results you so want to achieve. What’s so different about our retreat? Well, Chi of life health retreats are all about YOU. Every aspect of the programme and retreat is specifically designed around your need, health and goals. This is what it takes to get the best results – a programme that is designed for you and you only. 

We don’t believe in “one fits all” programmes, and that’s what sets us apart from any health retreat Brisbane area wide. At Chi of Life, we’re embarking on a health and wellness journey with you. We invest ourselves in understanding every aspect of your health and wellness so that we can help you to achieve a truly life-changing transformation. We’re in this together.

Explore Your Personal Health and Wellness At Our Brisbane Retreat

On entering the Chi of Life retreat, you are paired with a full team of personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists, wellness coach, massage therapists, yoga instructors, life coaches, an NLP therapist and a reiki master. Together with the Chi of life, you will learn and embrace a completely holistic weight loss programme encompassing nutrition, health testing, meal plans, cooking demos, mindset, cognitive therapy, relaxation and fitness activities.

Personalised nutritional plans

We will conduct blood testing to uncover any imbalances which may affect your weight loss. Our nutritionist will also diagnose your metabolic nutritional type which is critical to understanding which foods you specifically should and should not east.

Our chefs develop meal plans with the foods you like and enjoy in line with your diagnosed nutritional type, teaching you to how to make your meals in live demos and providing you with take-home recipes to continue your positive eating habits at home.

Tackling mindset and behaviours

Clients also attend sessions with our qualified NLP therapist to uncover and get to know any mindset or behavioural issues affecting your weight loss. Our therapist will help you to understand how to break through any problematic mental barriers and advise on how to continue to build a positive mindset and overcome any mental health-related issues affecting your weight loss in the long term.

Finding the right fitness activity for you

We get to know which activities you enjoy and your health and fitness levels before advising on the best fun-filled activities for you to sample during your stay to uncover which fitness activities are best to help you de-stress and stay active in the long term. Choose from activities such as:

• Stand-up paddling 

• Biking 

• Tennis 

• Swimming 

• Water aerobics 

• Boxing 

• Gym

• Zumba

• Hiking

• Pilates

• Yoga 

• Meditation

At Our Brisbane Health Retreat, We’ll Get You On The Way To The Results You Want

Take the first step towards better mental and physical health. Talk to Chi of Life today to learn more about why we are known as the best health retreat Brisbane wide and most importantly, how we can help you to achieve the long term, life-changing transformation you want and deserve.

Chi of Life is Queensland’s most effective weight loss and wellness health retreat. Our health & wellness retreats work with our fitness retreats to help you lose weight and keep it off. Browse the rest of our website or call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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