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Health & Fitness Retreat Located on the Sunshine Coast

Did you ever wish there was some life-changing journey you could take that could help you shake the kilos and keep them off forever? Well now there is, as our health & fitness retreats are guaranteed to give you amazing results if you follow our program.

Health Retreat Sunshine Coast

A healthier, happier you is within reach – you just need the guidance, education and tools to empower you to reach your goals. If you have followed health regimes, weight loss programmes or even been on health retreats in the past only to find yourself disappointed with the results you’ve achieved, don’t be frustrated. Your goals are attainable – with the right approach. That’s what you have been missing; the right approach.

At Chi of Life health and fitness retreat Sunshine Coast, we invite you on a journey to finally realise your health and wellness goals. We do things a little differently here, but that’s why our clients get results and sustain great health and wellbeing in the long term. Our difference? We provide a retreat that is completely customised to YOUR needs. You don’t just slot in and follow the exact same programme as a large group of people. You embark on a health and wellness programme which is specifically designed to address your goals, habits, behaviours, nutritional needs, food preferences and tolerance, fitness levels and preferred exercises and activities.

We focus on both your physical and mental health and wellbeing, providing a holistic programme which educates you on how to work towards a healthier you, in every sense. No matter your shape size, health history or fitness levels, we welcome you to Chi of Life to work our full team of therapists, nutritionists, chefs, life coaches, mindset and wellness coaches and fitness instructors to embark on a journey to a new you; a healthier you and a happier you.

Our Unique Approach to Health and Wellness Retreats on the Sunshine Coast

From the moments that clients arrive to our retreat, they are given our full individual attention and support. We only ever take in groups of  8 people to each of our Sunshine Coast health retreats to ensure that we can give you the one-to-one guidance and assistance you need to reach your goals. The retreat offers one-to-one sessions, demos and classes across all of the critical areas of your physical and mental health:

Health and Nutrition

Our wellness coaches will talk to you to learn about your health history and background and conduct blood testing to identify any imbalances which may be affecting your health and weight. From there, our nutritionists will diagnose your metabolic nutritional type so that they can educate you on the right food types to eat for your body and educate you on the right food portions to eat.

Our chefs will prepare meal plans to suit your nutritional type, working with you to ensure the plans include foods you like and teaching you how to cook those meals as well as providing take-home recipes so you can continue your eating regime at home.

Spiritual and Mental Wellbeing

Critical to your overall health and to ensuring healthy weight management is to care for your mental health. During our retreat, you will sit with our qualified NLP therapist to uncover any behaviours, experiences or attitudes which may be impacting your health and weight and learn how you can overcome these mental barriers and pursue emotional freedom.

You will learn how to de-stress and maintain your spiritual wellbeing too through yoga classes, group meditation, positive healing workshops and hypnosis sessions.

Exercise and Fitness

Staying active is ever so important for your overall health and vitality. At Chi of Life, we provide a plethora of different exercise classes for you to sample including aqua aerobics, walking, watersports, cycling, swimming, boxing, pilates, gym exercises, Zumba and more. We will advise on the best activities to try based on your interests and fitness levels, and every activity is set at your own pace.

The Chi of Life fitness retreat in the Sunshine Coast will have a life-lasting impact on your health. It will help you to reimagine your day-to-day life and set you on a successful journey to living your best life. Our retreat has proven time and time again to change lives – and we’re so positive about the extent of the results that you can achieve that we even offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your results!

Chi of Life is Queensland’s most effective weight loss and wellness health retreat. Our health & wellness retreats work with our fitness retreats to help you lose weight and keep it off. Browse the rest of our website or call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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