Make Exercise About Quality, Not Quantity

Official exercise guidelines typically base their recommendations on the number of minutes or hours you should exercise. But the latest research suggests this is an outdated approach.

The effectiveness of your fitness program isn’t measured by how long you exercise. It’s measured by the quality of your exercise. According to an outdated fitness dogma, a person who jogs for 60 minutes would theoretically be getting a “better” workout than someone who does a 30-minute workout… but this is an incorrect over-generalization.

Research now shows that some of the best workouts are only 30 minutes long and that by incorporating multi-dimensional movement, high-intensity interval exercise, and more into your routine, you can get a superior workout in a fraction of the time. But I must stress that you need to wear a heart rate monitor and keep your heart rate above 75% max HR zone and up to 90%.  To calculate mins your age from 220 and multiple by 75% and repeat multiple by 90%. Your goal is to burn 400 calories (plus). Go hard and get the results.

High intensity interval training (which requires but a fraction of the time compared to conventional cardio) has been shown to be FAR more efficient and effective compared to longer, slower cardio workouts.